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****Be ye WARNED***** Before I get started with my bio I would like to let you know this is a journal of a gay man and his meandering thoughts. If homosexuality is something you do not want to read about then you need to move on to another blogger.

Hello there, just thought I would write a bit about myself. I am the seventh of nine children, from multiple marriages. Never really been considered attractive by others, especially when my siblings were around. they seemed to have been considered the pretty ones, were I was considered the "healthy" one. LOL No need to worry I don't suffer from low self esteem any more than the average "bear' out there these days. I have lost a great deal of weight with in the last few years and still working to lose more (not hard enough tho). I have gone from a size 50 in jeans to a 38. gone from a 5xl to a 3xl in shirts. I have brown thinning hair which is mostly covered by a ball cap, two blue eyes, a lot of crooked teeth, but a nice smile. beard/moustache, two arms and two legs, (LOL) two testicles and a penis. some body hair.

I live near St Louis but on the Illinois side. I have a small house, two very spoiled boyz (dogs) Ford, he's a golden mix. and Noodle, he's a pug.
We live our lives from day to day struggling with the increasing gas and grocery prices. You can read about my intrest below, it is a pretty hefty list but no inclusive to just those things. I am an open minded person about a lot of things but can be very closed minded about others. So here are a few things that will turn me off or choose not to socialize with you. dishonesty, being overly judgemental of others, cheating, lying, stealing, or hurting others to make yourself feel better, vengence, and deceitful people.

I don't see myself being better than others and I certainly do not seeing others being better than me. Your clothes, your car or your home do not make you better just more fortunate. having good friends is what makes a person wealthy in my oppinion.

I have good number of friends who I think the world of, I just wish I had more time to spend with them.

So if you happen to see me out and like what you have read here, don't be affraid to say hello. I do have a tendancy to be a little shy about approaching others, but if I recognise you from here I will generally say hello to you.

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